Febe Bebe – Makers of Fine Droolers & Bibs

   Sometimes kids are just not pretty.  You can dress them up.  You can even take them out on occasion.  But you can never guarantee pretty.  Until now.

    One of my biggest pet peeves about babies (and yes, I have a few) was that no matter how cute the outfit you put them in, they would inevitably be draped in an ugly, yet necessary bib that would hide the entire ensemble I spent hours (well, ok – minutes) putting together that very morning.  However, after discovering Febe Bebe this is no longer a problem.  In fact, there are some days that I now plan the outfits around the – are you ready –bibs! 

   Finally a company that gets it.  Things can be functional and pretty.  And absorbent, and soft, and well made.  Febe Bebe Makers of Fine Droolers & Bibs have hit the baby nail on its itty bitty head.  These beautiful bibs are made of 100% cotton in the most unique and amazing prints, and minky chenille to die for.  So nice in fact that I actually considered wearing one myself (didn’t fit, I tried both sizes… may have a new market to explore here).  They actually cover your baby’s entire front and shoulders to catch whatever mess or never-ending drool spout they may produce.  I love them, my baby loves them, and frankly – you will love them. 

WIN IT! : Win a Bib & Drooler Set from Febe Bebe! Send an email to contests@wundermums.com with “BIBS” in the subject, your print selection and the answer to this question: How many gorgeous prints are available from febebebe.com? We’ll pick one winner at random. Contest closes June 13th, 2008. Good Luck!

 Reviewed by Melanie Morgan for Wundermums.com. All rights are reserved.



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