Salsa Babies!

I was really excited to try out a Salsa Babies class.  My only problem was that my youngest “baby” was almost two and well, let’s just say very active.  I wasn’t sure that she would stay in a carrier for any length of time but figured that chasing her around the classroom would at least garner me some much needed exercise… and it would be done to salsa music. 

Colour me surprised.  I threw baby “T” into my Beco and she instantly began to complain.  But her squirming was easily tamed by a pair of Salsa Baby maracas and the Latin beat.  She was quite content to wiggle and dance while on my back which left me free to actually try and learn to Salsa, baby style. 

The music was moving and my instructor’s enthusiasm contagious.  At first it felt a little wrong without my husband and some tequila (yes my previous Latin dance experience falls under the “drunk and in a foreign country” category).  I felt almost sexy as I managed to somewhat keep up with the other mums.  The dance routines were challenging yet not threatening and I felt like I was really accomplishing something in a mere 45 minutes.  My pulse was up, my baby was happy, and I had a ton of fun. 

The bottom line on Salsa Babies is this:  I had a blast and kept my toddler happy for 45 minutes.  I got some incredible exercise and the chance to meet some other mums in the community.  Salsa Babies is not only a great way to ease back into exercise (or a way to continue your healthy lifestyle) but it’s a fantastic way to get out there and meet some moms just like you.  Now who wants to join me at a Salsa Babies class?


WIN IT: Win your very own free Salsa Babies session with Christina and Connie in London (a $75 value)!   Simply check out and then go to the Contests section of Wundermums’ forums and tell us what you think the best thing about Salsa Babies is.   Contest closes July 1st, 2009.  Good Luck! 


Reviewed by Melanie Morgan for Wundermums.  All rights reserved.

One response to “Salsa Babies!

  1. Wow that sounds like great fun for both mums and babies. Means you don’t have to try to get a babysitter either – brilliant idea!

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