Moonjar ~ Save, Spend & Share

In my previous life I was a banker.  I was a banker, my father was a banker, and I grew up being taught about money.  So it is rather surprising that I had never talked to my daughter about money and saving.  To be honest, the thought had never even occurred to me.    


The first time any of this did cross my mind was the day that we opened up our new Moonjar.  It looked simple enough… three separate compartments held together by an elastic band to create a non-piggy bank of sorts.  I was surprised by its plain appearance and instantly wondered what all the hype was about.  But being in a charitable mood, I decided to give this little savings centre the chance it deserved.

 My daughter and I sat down to take a closer look and she started to ask me what everything was.  I took off the elastic to show her the savings portion of the Moonjar and explained that this was where she could put her money to save up for something really special.  She quickly decided on a car (she’s four).  The second part was dedicated to spending and she didn’t need to be told about that.  Let’s just say she’s no stranger to the toy department.  It was then that we discovered the charity section and I realized what an important life lesson I had been neglecting.  I instantly knew what the hype was about.

 Sure, the Moonjar is a place for your kids to put their money and to save up for their first bicycle or guitar (or car) but it is so much more than that.  The Moonjar teaches values, and charity, and opens up conversations with your children that could so easily get missed otherwise.  Dare I say that it’s not really about the money at all?

 I am so happy that we came across the Moonjar and that my daughter and I had such a great conversation.  I now feel that she is better prepared to start learning about finances… and life.  Knowing how to be wise with your money is a wonderful thing to teach your children and giving them a Moonjar is the perfect way to start.


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Reviewed by Melanie Morgan for Wundermums.  All rights reserved.

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