Matilda Jane Clothing

I love having girls.  I remember when I was pregnant with my second everyone assumed that I wanted a boy because I already had a girl.  But I wanted another girl.  You can do their hair, paint their nails, and dress them up in super cute clothes.  The sad truth is that I love dressing them up so much because the clothes fit them far better than anything will ever fit me again.  I believe that’s what they call living vicariously…  At any rate, ever since discovering it, my favourite brand to dress them up in is Matilda Jane Clothing

Matilda Jane Clothing is unlike anything I had ever seen.  It’s funky and feminine, unique and super fun.  This is the one line of clothing that I have found that I love, my girls love to wear, and my husband actually condones me spending his hard-earned money on!  Matilda Jane creates pieces by mixing and not matching a variety of fabrics and patterns in a way that makes you wonder how it ever came together.  Nothing seems intentional, yet couldn’t be more complementary.  This truly is a line that stands out in a crowd.

The prices are a bit higher than mall brands but the clothes wear well and can be passed down from lucky girl to lucky girl.  There is even a rampant second hand market for the stuff that often garners full price for gently used clothing.  If you look at it that way… it’s like getting gorgeous garments for free.  That’s how I present it to my hubby and I’m sure that none of you will tell him otherwise. 

With Matilda Jane Clothing, nothing matches and everything goes, which means that my girls can put together their own outfits easily.  They feel more independent and still manage to look put together.  My one small complaint is that you have to order from the USA, but this is a small price to pay to be able to wear (or dress your kids in) such beautifully created and rare finds from Matilda Jane Clothing. 

WIN IT: Win your very own art fair knot dress from Matilda Jane Clothing!   Simply check out and then go to the Contests section of Wundermums’ forums and let us know what your favourite item from Sparkletown is.  Contest closes January 30th, 2010.  Good Luck!

Reviewed by Melanie Morgan for Wundermums.  All rights reserved.

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