Life with Baby ~ Connect. Share. Be well.

When I walked through the door at Life with Baby I was immediately struck by the beautiful space.  Set in a century home in downtown London, its high ceilings and serenely decorated rooms made me want to sit down and stay a while.  There are beautiful pictures of babies on the walls, an open lounge with comfy couches, and a smattering of toys on the floor that make it feel just like home (only cleaner).

Life with Baby offers a variety of services for new mums, starting with prenatal yoga and extending to well beyond the baby years.  Breastfeeding support, post partum depression counselling, mummy gatherings, and an on-site RMT are just a few services that are offered.  They even include a doctor of naturopathic medicine to help new mums (and old ones) achieve wellbeing.  Whether you are looking for an hour away without the kids, or a way to fill the afternoon with your newborn, I am confident that you will find something to fit the bill at Life with Baby.

The owner, Jodi is warm, welcoming, and has a realistic grasp on what it means to become a mum.  She understands how the simplest task can seem impossible and knows just how much the transition into parenthood can take its toll.  She strives (and succeeds) at making visitors feel that their time spent at Life with Baby is both meaningful and uncomplicated.  There is free childminding, places to nurse or change a bum, and tea is served after every class to encourage mums to hang out, share their stories, and really form a sense of belonging. At Life with Baby, it’s definitely about more than the yoga.

For those of us without babes in arms, there are things to discover as well.  During my visit I received a massage from Jordana that left me feeling more than a bit better than when I had walked in.  She told me beforehand that she would find places I didn’t even think were tense and fix them (yeah right) and to my surprise she did just that.  I felt so relaxed and peaceful when I left and felt even more wonderful a day or two later.  Now tell me which one of you, new mum or not, doesn’t want to feel like that?

The bottom line is that life with a new baby is hard and Life with Baby knows how to make that transition just a little bit easier.  So if you have a baby (or even if you don’t) taking a trip to check out Life with Baby is worthwhile.  I walked in expecting to find a business but ended up discovering a haven.

WIN IT: Win your very own $50 gift certificate to Life with Baby.   Send an email to with  “LIFE WITH BABY” in the subject line and the answer to this question: Which service would you use your gift certificate towards and why? We’ll pick one winner at random. Contest closes at midnight, Thursday, March 31st, 2011.  Good Luck!

Reviewed by Melanie Morgan for Wundermums.  All rights reserved.

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