Scentsy with Shannon

Last year for Christmas I received an unusual gift from my mother-in-law. It was a ceramic pot with a saucer that fit on the top and these odd looking hunks of what appeared to be scented wax. My immediate reaction was “not again”. Yet one more gift from my MIL that I would have no use for. I have never been a candle person, too messy, too dangerous. Why on earth would she buy me this? Well, I am now eating (or maybe sniffing) my words. I plugged it in, turned on the switch and popped in a chunk of Pima Cotton.  Within a day I was hooked.

Fast forward 6 months later. I had my first Scentsy party a short time ago with Shannon Van Rompaey of Forest City Scentsy as my consultant. I have to say, she made my first experience as a hostess a great one. After our initial chat she came to my house that very evening with a big bag loaded with samples, product and hostess information. She even brought a copy of the party invite she would make available online that covered every aspect of the party you could think of. The best part was she brought me a bar of my all time favourite discontinued scent as a thank you just for booking the party with her.


She arrived promptly the day of the party with a literal truckload of awesome stuff that she artfully set out on display in my home.  My guests and I had a great time, sniffing, eating and laughing. Shannon was such an attentive consultant, there to answer questions, offer suggestions and chat with the guests while I busied myself with the hostess duties.  Orders were taken precisely and within 5 business days of my party closing she contacted me to tell me our products had arrived.  She did a lovely job of packing our individual orders and once again stressed if she could be of any further assistance just call or email (which I have and she always responds promptly and professionally). Shannon clearly loves her job with Scentsy and it shows.  I could not be happier with her level of service and attention to detail.

I should also mention the hostess rewards are pretty darn great too. I had the party mainly because I wanted to stock up and some of my girlfriends were really intrigued with Scentsy as well, so I never paid much attention to the reward aspect.  I was delighted when Shannon informed me of the final tally and of the free product I would earn just for hosting a successful party.

Thanks again to Shannon, Scentsy and my guests.  I can’t wait for the next party!

CONTESTS:  Shannon is graciously running not one, not two, but three Scentsy contests!!!  To enter the first contest, head on over to the Wundermums forums and check out the Contest section for your chance to win a full sized Scentsy warmer and two scent bars of your choice from current stock.  A second contest will be run at a later date.  Shannon is also holding a Facebook contest which you can access by clicking on here.  Good luck on all three!

Reviewed by mummyto2 for Wundermums.  All rights reserved.

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