Red Thread Design ~ Caterpillar Dress

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have a slight addiction to children’s clothing.  I spend more time and money on dressing my toddlers than I do myself.  Maybe it’s because they are so cute or maybe it’s because they simply have better clothes.  I am always searching for good quality, versatile, and unique items for them to wear and it is a happy day in our household when that occurs… even more so when it’s super cute.  That said, you can imagine my thrill at opening up a little package from one Red Thread Design.

The Caterpillar Dress is a super cute dress creatively designed to fit your child from roughly one to three years of age.  First, it is worn as a knee-length dress, then a short dress, and finally a swing top.  I had my doubts but this dress actually fit my super skinny baby and (almost) my size 5 kid.  What’s even better, it looked like it was meant to fit whoever was wearing it (as opposed to me trying to squeeze a too small dress onto my rather large kid).  The Caterpillar Dress really does grow along with your child.

The craftsmanship is fantastic and all of Red Thread Designs are 100% ethically made in Canada.  Our Caterpillar Dress washed up like a dream and kept looking good as new.  The fabrics are fun, and funky, and soft.  These dresses are unique enough to catch your attention but also fit nicely into already acquired (and sometimes bulging) wardrobes.  Truth be told, the only problem I can find with Red Thread Design’s Caterpillar Dresses is that they don’t come in my size. 


WIN IT: Win your very own Red Thread Design Caterpillar Dress!   Simply go to the Contests section of Wundermums’ forums and tell us what you love about Red Thread Design.  Contest closes March 31st , 2009. Good Luck! 

 Reviewed by Melanie Morgan for Wundermums.  All rights reserved.

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